trinity hammocks at IFFS international furniture fair singapore 2014

trinity hammocks was founded by gilbert tourville who wanted to transform the activity of ‘hammocking’ into a shared, social experience from just a solitary one. the company offers two designs – ‘eternity’ and ‘infinity’ – which each house three suspended beds for a more relaxing, communal interaction...

presented at the 2014 IFFS international furniture fair singapore, each of trinity hammocks’ products are constructed by a non-profit community development, providing a sustainable, income generating project for women living in the poor rural regions of vietnam and cambodia. their skills are used to produce the quilted beds, with the earnings from trinity hammocks sales used for supporting the areas in which they live; bringing about more financial independence, thus eliminating the need for prior alternatives such as strenuous field work or sweatshop labor. the programme provides benefits such as scholarships for children and agricultural training.

‘infinity’ trinity hammock
base diameter: 10 feet / 3 meters
height: 8.5 feet / 2.6 meters

each trinity hammock is made from the finest marine-grade materials, and features a stainless steel structure with a suspended 21″ teak table hanging at its center. protected by Z-net cream colored top shades, the quilted beds offer a comfortable place to rest, whether on the beach, in the woods or in your backyard. each design’s payload measures 200 kg. Via_