“The Edgeland House” by Bercy Chen Studio

Α small house in Austin, Texas looks like an natural extension of the surrounding landscape. “The Edgeland House” was constructed in a former industrial site and bears the sign of Bercy Chen Studio. The house does not only have a really impressive design, aims also at connecting it’s residence with nature and raise awareness of the finite energy sources. For this cause, Chen collaborated with a local wildflower center in order to restore the previous barren industrial site with over 40 native species of plants while he also included some hi-tech features such as the phase-changing thermal system which can store heat and improve sustainability.

The triangular roof is totally covert with lush green sod while its whole designed is inspired by the sunken pit huts of native South America which took advantage of the land’s mass for more efficient heating and cooling. via_http://en.ozonweb.com/architecture/the-edgeland-house-by-bercy-chen-studio