osumi yuzo clads house in daisen with retractable timber screen

Located in a quiet rural setting at the base of mount daisen in japan, osumi yuzo architect office has developed a residential property that brings the natural environment inside the two-storey home...
the envelope of the dwelling is clad in a retractable timber screen containing glazed sections that reflect the surrounding landscape. when opened fully, the house is able to form a close relationship with its context, dissolving the boundary between internal and external space.

Behind the outermost façade, the inner core of the building is protected by an additional layer of double-glazing ensuring the property’s insulation. this spatial arrangement forms an ‘engawa’, the volume located between the skin of the structure and the storm shutters, traditional in japanese architecture. this ambiguous area becomes a buffer zone, thermally insulating the house and ensuring a calm and comfortable environment.

project info:

project name: house in daisen
architects: osumi yuzo architect office
location: tottori, japan
site area: 603.81 sqm
building area: 74.74 sqm
total floor area: 149 sqm
photography: ryo hata